Custom Pull-Out Boards

pullout3Yes, we make pull-out boards to any size. And we make them the correct way:  edge-grain style.

What is edge-grain style?

On a piece of lumber, the face of the board is called the “face grain” which is a great gluing surface but not a good cutting surface. The edge of the board is called the “edge grain” which is a great cutting surface but a bad gluing surface. With edge grain boards you rip the lumber along its face grain, turn the pieces on their sides and glue the face grain which exposes the edge grain. It’s a more expensive way of making cutting boards but it makes for a better board. Boards made with the face grain side exposed are cheaper to produce, will not last as long, many times will warp, and will dull your knives. Don’t settle for face-grain boards when you can get edge-grain boards that will last longer and are better for your knives.

Call or e-mail us for a quote. Be sure to give us your zip code so that we can provide you a packing/shipping quote as well.

 Turnaround is about two weeks.