Carving Board


CarvingBoard-3The Everything-You-Need-And-Nothing-More Carving Board

Some carving boards have so much going on that they get in the way of what you want to do:  Carve meat.

We consider our Carving Board the best board out there because we give you a quality handmade board in the right thickness – 1-1/8″; a perfectly-dimensioned juice moat – 1″ wide x 1/2″ deep; routed handles so now your carving board is a serving board; and 1/4″ rubber feet that keeps the board from slipping and places it above any accumulated liquid on your counter.

Our Carving Board comes in two woods – walnut or maple – and two sizes:  12″ x 17″ and 14″ x 20″. Want a custom size? We can do that too. The 12″ x 17″ board weighs 5-1/4 pounds; the 14″ x 20″ board weighs 7-1/2 Pounds.

Carving Board