Welcome to Custom Cutting Boards where we make all of our cutting boards by hand. And because we use only high-quality hard woods and proven construction techniques, your cutting board will last a lifetime — we guarantee it! Plus we make all of our boards in the edge-grain style.


What is edge-grain style?  On a piece of lumber, the face of the board is called the “face-grain” which is a great gluing surface but not a good cutting surface. The edge of the board is called the “edge-grain” which is a great cutting surface but a bad gluing surface. With edge-grain boards you rip the image copy 3lumber along its face grain, turn the pieces onto their sides and glue the boards together using the face-grain as the gluing surface. This process exposes the edge-grain (the best cutting surface). It’s a more expensive way of making cutting boards but it makes for a better board. Boards made with the face grain side exposed are cheaper to produce, will not lat as long, many times will warp, and will dull your knives. Don’t settle for face-grain boards when you can get edge-grain boards that will last longer and are better for your knives.


CatchAll - New-1The World’s Best Carving, Grilling and Barbecue Board The downward slope in our Catch-All Board catches all meat, vegetable, and cut fruit juices before the juice has a chance to slop all over your counter or barbecue.

The 1-1/2-inch-thick Catch-All Board comes in two sizes: 12 x 18 inches and 16 x 20 inches. Each board includes grooved handles on the underside of the board which turn the Catch-All into a serving platter so you can take your meats directly from the kitchen to the grill — and everything stays on the board. Check out our Catch-All Boards here.

Free Walnut Coaster Set with your $250 cutting board order  All of our coaster sets are hand-made with quality hardwoods, cork inserts, real wood inlay and felt pads.
Four coasters per set, includes stand. A $55.95 value. You can see our coaster sets here.
*One coaster set per order. Cutting board order must exceed $250 excluding packing, shipping and sales tax.